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EMI Shielded Vent with Dustfilter | Attenuated Vent with Removable Dustfilter

General Information

Our EMI Shielded vents with dustfilter assemblies are composites of our EMI Shielded honeycomb attenuated vents and removable dustfilter panels containing a demembraned polyurethene filter media. The attenuated vent is specified in the normal way and contains, within its mounting frame, additional fixings (usually captive threaded inserts) which are used to retain the framed dustfilter element.

The dustfilter can be mounted either side of the honeycomb vent panel and attention should be paid when specifying the type of interface gasket to ensure that, where necessary, it is conductive. The filter material is available with openings of 30 to 60 per inch as standard, but others can be specified, and is secured by a woven mesh kickplate.


Honeycomb vent and demembraned polyurethane dust filter panels are usually used inside racks and electronic equipment enclosures, in particular where the ingress of dust or foreign matter is likely but the heavier duty woven aluminium mesh is not needed. Dust filters fitted inside the equipment can have quick-release fastenings and do not require an emi shielded gasket. In applications where the attenuated vent is fixed directly to the enclosure, dustfilters mounted outside the equipment do not need an emi shielded gasket.

EMI Shielded Vent with Dustfilter | Attenuated Vent with Removable Dustfilter


For EMI shielded gasket material specifications please refer to the conductive knitted mesh, conductively loaded silicone and oriented wires in silicone pages. 


FrequencyFieldType VH-01
10 KHz H 45
100 KHZ H 49
1 MHz H 51
1 MHz E >100
10 MHz E >100
100 MHz E >100
1 GHz P 98
10 GHz P 95


Overall dimensions ± 0.8mm
Fixing holes/fasteners ± 0.5mm
  with jigs ± 0.2mm

How to order

Specify: Shielding Series-Frame Style- Vent Media-Overall Size-Number of fixings-Fixing Type/Size
Where possible please provide a detailed drawing.

Shielding SeriesFrame StyleVent MediaOverall SizeFixings (No.)Fixing Type
VB=Composite AF1 09= xxxx-xxxx xx As Specified
  AF2 Demembraned      
  AF5 Polyurethane      

Examples / Notes

VH-AF1-01-2260-4330-12-T/H (4.8) plus VB-AF1-09-6 specifies an AF1 style honeycomb vent fitted with an AF1 dust-filter using 6 fasteners. It would be normal in such instances for the assembly to be detailed in drawing form indicating the precise mounting method and sequence in relation to the enclosure.
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