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EMI Shielded Dust Filters | Attenuated Vents

General Information

Our EMI shielded dust filters offer the benefits of an attenuation vent panel with the properties of a dust filter in a single frame, saving space over our EMI shielded vents with removable dust filters which utilise separate units fixed together in-situ.

Standard frame styles are AF1 to AF4 & AF6 to AF8 and they incorporate a triple layer of woven and corrugated aluminium mesh. Each layer has a slightly different degree of corrugation and so provides separation and increased airflow potential. To enable it to perform its dual function the aluminium dust filter material is relatively dense and so requires an assisted airflow to operate correctly. A 'kick plate' is built into the unit to protect the filter from damage.


Aluminium mesh dust filters are mounted in the same manner as our EMI shielded aluminium honeycomb vents and are used in industrial or military environments where a 'heavy duty' attenuating dust filter is required and a lighter weight de-membraned polyurethene as used in EMI shielded vents with removable dustfilters is not suitable. They are not designed for pure convection and need a driven airflow. They may be solvent cleaned after removal but particular attention should be paid to the replacement of gaskets which could be affected by compression-set or hydrocarbon/solvent contamination.

EMI Shielded Dust Filters | Attenuated Vents


Woven Aluminium Screen AMS-4182 


Shielding Effectiveness  - (based on a 250mm2 test section)

Frequency Field Attenuation (dB)
10KHz H 42
100KHz H 53
1MHz H 61
1MHz E 92
10MHz E 81
100MHz E 60
1GHz P 52
10GHz P 43


Overall dimensions ± 0.8mm
Fixing holes/fasteners ± 0.5mm
  with jigs +/- 0.2mm

How to order

Specify: Shielding Series-Frame Style-Vent Media-Overall Size-Number of fixings-Fixing Type/Size
Where possible please provide a detailed drawing.

Shielding SeriesFrame StyleVent MediaOverall SizeFixings (No.)Fixing Type
VF=Dust Filter AF1 08=Triple mesh xxxx-xxxx xx C/T=Captive insert
Aluminium AF2       T/H=Through hole

Examples / Notes

VF-AF1-08-2260-4330-12-T/H (4.8) specifies a corrugated three layer aluminium woven mesh dustfilter in an AF1 style frame with 12 through holes of 4.8 mm diameter. The hole positions would be agreed with the customer prior to manufacture or as shown on the customer drawing.
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