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Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh Washers, Gaskets & Seals | EMI Shielding

General Information

Compressed knitted wire mesh washers, gaskets and seals utilise knitted wire mesh formed under pressure into resilient high density profiles.


Compressed knitted wire mesh profiles are used as gland rings, grounding buttons, magnetron seals and numerous other applications where a high density mesh is required for effective emi shielding.

Each application will be individual and related to the specific and mechanical properties of the gasket so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh Washers, Gaskets & Seals | EMI Shielding


Monel - BS3075 – NA13 (0.11mm diameter)
Aluminium 5056 - AMS 4182 (0.13mm diameter)
TCS - ASTM B520 (0.11mm diameter)
Stainless Steel - Alloy 304 (0.11mm diameter)


10KHz H 45 40 60 40
100KHz H 49 45 65 44
1MHz H 60 60 85 58
1MHz E 125 125 125 125
10MHz E 120 120 120 120
100MHz E 100 100 108 100
400MHz P 98 95 99 94
1GHz P 85 76 78 76
10GHz P 80 65 62 60


± 0.5mm

How to order

Specify series KR, wire type and describe your component by its outside and inside diameters plus thickness (if an 'o' ring) or by means of a drawing if a formed gasket or profile section.

Shielding SeriesWire CodeStyleSize (or) Drawing Number
KR M=Monel 50 (ring) xxxx-xxxx (or) xxxx-xxxx
  S=Stainless Steel    

Examples / Notes

KR-S-50-0254-0159-0032 is a stainless steel washer 25.4 x 15.9 x 3.2mm

For further details on how to specify, please contact us.

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