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Conductive Finger Strips | CFS EMI Shielding

General Information

Our Conductive Finger Strips are available in a wide range of profiles, a choice of two materials and five finishes. There is also a choice of either a conductive self-adhesive fixing or clip on.

They have a low closing force and do not take a compression set.

Conductive finger strips have long service life with good corrosion resistance & good shielding performance.


Conductive finger strips are ideal for door gaskets where an environmental seal is not required and shielded room applications and can also be used as printed circuit board grounding contacts.

Each individual profile drawing details the available lengths and the material - stainless steel conductive finger strips are at the bottom of the page.



Conductive Finger Strips | CFS EMI Shielding

How to order

Specify: Series-Style Number-Length-Finish-Plating

Shielding SeriesStyle NumberLengthFinishPlating
CFS See drawings xxxx S/A=Self Adhesive Bd=Bright Finish
      N/A=No Adhesive Sn=Bright Tin
        Ni=Bright Nickel
*Plating not available on Stainless Steel

Examples / Notes

CFS-0645-406-S/A-Bd is Conductive finger strip, style 0645, 406mm long, beryllium copper with self-adhesive, bright finish
CFS-0697-7.6m-S/A-Ni is Conductive finger strip, style 0697, 7.6 metres long, beryllium copper with self-adhesive, nickel plated
CFS-0636SS-406-S/A is Conductive finger strip, style 0636, 406mm long, stainless steel with self-adhesive
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