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Woven Aluminium Mesh | Aluweave Conductive Gaskets

General Information

Aluweave is a versatile, highly conductive gasket medium produced by filing a woven aluminium mesh with either silicone, fluorosilicone or neoprene rubber. It is particularly useful where thicker emi shielded gaskets are unsuitable but, because it is woven, it is not viable for 'landwidths' of less than 3mm for diecut gaskets. Surface irregularities should not exceed 0.05mm. This material is generally supplied as pre-cut gaskets constructed to the customers specific requirements but can also be supplied in sheets. Our range of EMI Shielded connector gaskets include Aluweave materials.


Aluweave filled aluminium mesh is used for emi connector gaskets and other 'thin' EMI gasket applications. If aluminium is unsuitable because of galvanic compatibility or shielding effectiveness, the expanded Monel based Monex may be more appropriate.

Aluweave gaskets provide good 'point contact' where each crossover occurs, while the rubber filler ensures excellent environmental sealing. Aluweave, like nearly all other conductive gasket materials, should not be fixed with a conductive or pressure sensitive adhesive and should be fixed as a friction fit utilising the fixing screws to position the gasket before tightening.


Woven Aluminium Mesh | Aluweave Conductive Gaskets


Aluminium Mesh AMS 4182A
Silicone Rubber AMS 3220B
Fluorosilicone MIL-R-25988
Neoprene AMS 3222C

Temperature range

Silicone - 55 to + 250oC
Neoprene - 40 to +107oC


10 KHz H 45
100 KHz H 55
1 MHz H 70
1 MHz E >100
10 MHz E >100
100 MHz E >100
400 MHz P 100
1 GHz P 69
10 GHz P 50

How to order

Specify: Shielding Series-Filler Code-Thickness-Size or drawing number

Shielding SeriesFiller CodeThicknessSize
GA=Aluweave SX=Silicone 0005=0.5 mm xxxx-xxxx

Examples / Notes

GA-SX-0005-Drawing No, specifies a cut gasket fabricated from 0.5 mm thick Silicone Aluweave Woven Aluminium Mesh
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