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Conductive Fabric Wrapped Gaskets | EMI Shielding

General Information

Our range of ultra soft fabric wrapped sponge emi shielding profiles utilises a highly conductive and durable impregnated fabric formed around a sponge or foam core to create a very versatile low compression gasket.


Conductive fabric wrapped profiles are particularly suitable for fixed-gasket applications within the computer or telecommunications manufacturing sectors as they are easily trimmed to size, are self-terminating and provide excellent dust and moisture protection coupled with a high degree of EMI shielding.

Our conductive fabric wrapped sponge profiles are available in strip form or as ready to fit preformed or jointed gaskets. The standard materials have a self-adhesive backing and can be quickly & easily fixed in position. Corner joints can be mitred or butt-jointed depending on the cross-section with no need to bond or 'antifray' seal the cut ends.  All our conductive fabric is 'Rip-Stop' unless otherwise specified.

Conductive Fabric Wrapped Gaskets | EMI Shielding


Open and closed-cell foam and sponge rubber cores are available including polyurethane and neoprene. The fabric can also be applied around rubber tube profiles. A surface finish of nickel/copper is available.


30 MHz 90
100 MHz >100
500 MHz >100
1 GHz >100
10 GHz 110


up to 16mm ±0.8mm

up to 48mm ±1.5mm

up to 100mm ±2.0mm

Properties -  

  • Surface resistivity: Nickel/Copper < 0.05 ohms/square
  • Abrasion resistance: Excellent
  • Compression set: < 10% (typical)
  • Temperature range: -40 to +70°C (typical)

How to order

Specify: Series-Filler (core)-Shape-Size-Length-Colour-Finish
For finished gaskets please provide a detailed drawing.

Shielding SeriesFabricFiller (core)ShapeSizeColourFinish

MW=Metweave Conductive Fabric

Nickel /Copper PU= Polyurethane 70= Rectangular xxxx-xxxx S= Silver

N/A=No Adhesive

    EP= EPDM Sponge 11= D-Section     S/A=Self Adhesive
      88= C Section      
      60= Round      
      80= P-Section      
      90= Double D      
      77= Knife-edge      
      66= L-Section      

Examples / Notes


Standard length is 2.0 metres.
MW-PU-11-0050-0050-S-S/A is Conductive fabric with polyurethane foam core, 5 x 5 mm D-Section with self-adhesive.
MW-NS-70-0100-0030-S-N/A is Conductive fabric with Neoprene Sponge core, 10 x 3 mm rectangular section without adhesive.

Part numbers

MW Round 60  » Click to zoom ->


WPart Number
3mm MW-CN-PU-60-0030
6mm MW-CN-PU-60-0060
9mm MW-CN-PU-60-0090
10mm MW-CN-PU-60-0100
12mm MW-CN-PU-60-0120

MW Double D-Shape 90  » Click to zoom ->

Double D-Shape

WHPart Number
9.6mm 3.2mm MW-CN-PU-90-0096-0032
9.7mm 2.8mm MW-CN-PU-90-0097-0028

MW Knife Edge 77  » Click to zoom ->


WHPart Number
11.3mm 2.7mm MW-CN-PU-77-0113-0027
11.4mm 2.8mm MW-CN-PU-77-0114-0028
19.1mm 6.4mm MW-CN-PU-77-0191-0064
18mm 7.9mm MW-CN-PU-77-0180-0190
19.1mm 8.9mm MW-CN-PU-77-0191-0089

MW L Shape 66  » Click to zoom ->


WHPart Number
12mm 11mm MW-CN-PU-66-0120-0110
11mm 11mm MW-CN-PU-66-0110-0110
15mm 13mm MW-CN-PU-66-0150-0130
19mm 17mm MW-CN-PU-66-0190-0170
14.7mm 17.1mm MW-CN-PU-66-0147-0171

MW C-Fold 88  » Click to zoom ->


WHPart Number
7.1mm 6.4mm MW-CN-PU-88-0071-0064
8mm 8mm MW-CN-PU-88-0080-0080
10.7mm 9.8mm MW-CN-PU-88-0107-0098
10.9mm 10mm MW-CN-PU-88-0109-0100
10.9mm 10.2mm MW-CN-PU-88-0109-0102

MW P-Shape 80  » Click to zoom ->


WHPart Number
14mm 3mm MW-CN-PU-80-0140-0030
15mm 3mm MW-CN-PU-80-0150-0030
13mm 2mm MW-CN-PU-80-0130-0020
17mm 7mm MW-CN-PU-80-0170-0070
8mm 2mm MW-CN-PU-80-0080-0020
22.5mm 9.5mm MW-CN-PU-80-0225-0095
12.2mm 5.1mm MW-CN-PU-80-0122-0051
13.2mm 3.7mm MW-CN-PU-80-0132-0037

MW D-Shape 11  » Click to zoom ->


WHPart Number
3.9mm 1.5mm MW-CN-PU-11-0039-0015
6.4mm 2.3mm MW-CN-PU-11-0064-0023
9mm 3mm MW-CN-PU-11-0090-0030
15mm 5mm MW-CN-PU-11-0150-0050
4.3mm 2.7mm MW-CN-PU-11-0043-0027
4mm 3.8mm MW-CN-PU-11-0040-0038
6.4mm 3.6mm MW-CN-PU-11-0064-0036
10mm 6mm MW-CN-PU-11-0100-0060
10mm 10mm MW-CN-PU-11-0100-0100
12mm 10mm MW-CN-PU-11-0120-0100

MW Rectangular 70  » Click to zoom ->


WHPart Number
2mm 2mm MW-CN-PU-70-0020-0020
3mm 3mm MW-CN-PU-70-0030-0030
4mm 4mm MW-CN-PU-70-0040-0040
5mm 5mm MW-CN-PU-70-0050-0050
6mm 6mm MW-CN-PU-70-0060-0060
8mm 8mm MW-CN-PU-70-0080-0080
10mm 10mm MW-CN-PU-70-0100-0100
12mm 12mm MW-CN-PU-70-0120-0120
13mm 13mm MW-CN-PU-70-0130-0130
15mm 15mm MW-CN-PU-70-0150-0150

Note - Minimum order quantities may apply as not all profiles are stock parts - please contact us for more details.

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