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MODX Revolution

Conductive Sponge | EMI Shielding Gaskets

General Information

A conductive polyurethane sponge with a conductive fabric bonded to each face, this highly compressible material is available in a range of thicknesses and can be supplied with or without a conductive adhesive on one face.

The material is highly conductive in all planes (X, Y, & Z axis) with a typical resistance of ≤1.00W. It can be easily die-cut and is ideal for emi shielded connector gaskets or where a gap needs to be filled without high compression.

Conductive Sponge | EMI Shielding Gaskets

How to order

Specify:  Shielding Series-Part Number/Thickness-Size/Drawing Number-Finish

Shielding SeriesPart NumberSizeFinish
MS=Conductive Sponge 1013=1.3mm ±0.3 Thick xxxx-xxxx S/A=Self Adhesive
  1025=2.5mm ±0.5 Thick   N/A=No Adhesive
  1035=3.5mm ±0.5 Thick    

Examples / Notes


Maximum material width 1200mm ±5mm


MS-1030-5000-5000-S/A is conductive sponge 3.0 mm thick 500 x 500 mm with self-adhesive.
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