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Oriented Wire in Silicone - Product Development News

For the past few years, P & P Technology have been manufacturing all their oriented wire in solid silicone, flame retardant solid silicone & fluorosilicone material at the factory in Braintree. After further development work, we are pleased to announce that we have now perfected the process of manufacturing sponge silicone & sponge flame retardant silicone versions – this makes us the only European manufacturer of the full range of oriented wires in silicone blocks, and only one of a small handful of companies world-wide with this manufacturing capability.

Managing Director, Gerry Steel, said, “We developed this range of products as part of our continual investment program.  The quality of the products we saw from our old suppliers did not always meet our quality standards and this, coupled with long lead times, had a negative impact on our customers which we found unacceptable. 

“The obvious solution was to bring the process in house and manufacture our own blocks.  After much trial and error we developed a process which gives us a consistently high quality product and because it is now all done in Braintree, we can give customers good lead times even for special configuration blocks.

“Last year we made a major capital investment in new machinery to help with the manufacture of this highly versatile shielding material, in particular the sponge variants which have been challenging to perfect and we are delighted that this investment has helped the project to be successful.”

For the range of oriented wire in silicone products offered, please click here.


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