MODX Revolution

Life In The Fast Lane

 Onyx's ISO9001 accredited Chinese factoryThis year's European Grand Prix had an added element of interest for the staff at PPT.  The street circuit at Valencia, as you will be aware if you are a follower of F1, has quite a few long straight runs making it ideal for those teams that have KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) fitted to their cars.  Unfortunately due to non-disclosure agreements, we can't tell you who we were routing for, but one of the teams has PPT components on board as part of their KERS.    

And we are excited to report we have had a recent enquiry from another F1 team.  We're hoping that this time we can convince them to bring the car down to Braintree so we can fit the parts for them.  General Manager, Gerry Steel, has even offered to take it for a test drive afterwards to make sure it's all working correctly - all part of the service you'd expect from PPT!


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